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After You Order, Simply Send PPIPS The Subject's Name and 1 Known Identifier. Results 1-2 days*

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Individual Background Report-



International or Domestic Search Results: verified Age, Alias(es), Birthday, Address History, Telephone & Cell Numbers, Full SSN Trace, Social Media Accounts, Emails, Relatives & Associate's list, criminal background.  Order today and receive results in your email.

Individual Background Report- Full/Comprehensive


This Report is loaded. This isn't your average $29.99 report. Receive a full comprehensive background Report of individual's: Age, Aliases, Birthday, Address History, Telephone Number(s), Email(s),  Vehicle(s), Social media account(s), Relative & Associate's list, all with dates. Full Bankruptcy Records, Liens/Judgments, SSN Trace, Driver Licenses, Criminal Record/Sex Offender, Full Arrest Records, Business Records and too much to list all here. Order today and receive results in your email or private PPIPS member account.

Business Team

Business Background Report-



Receive a full comprehensive Business Background Report: Business address, owner’s list, register agent, Members, date of incorporation, corporation documents and much more. Order today and receive results in your email or private PPIPS member account.

Skip Tracing Investigation


Do you need to locate a person of interest, fact witness or individual who has defaulted on a debt? Put in an order for one of our highly trained and experienced private investigators to do a complete comprehensive search to find the individual for you. Order today and receive results in your email or private PPIPS member account.

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Employment & Criminal Background Report/Locate Search- Comprehensive

Already Discounted

Receive a full comprehensive background Report of individual's: employment location(s), dates and title(s), as well as full Criminal records and Associates list and more. Order today and receive results in your email or private PPIPS member account.

Be sure you are hiring the right people for the job. Companies can inquire about multiple employment checks at discounted rate or hiring PPIPS for routine employment and background checks of potential employees. Searches are for Up to 50 Employees per order.

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Service of Process

Field Investigations

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Retainer & Hourly Rate

PPIPS provides field investigations services in all 50 states in America.  If you are in need of opening a field investigation case that requires field investigation (i.e. infidelity, insurance fraud, workers compensation, missing persons, cold cases, etc.) by one or more of our licensed experienced private investigators see our rates below then click on the “FREE CONSULTATION” to the left for a free 30 minute consultation to start the process.


NOTE: All field investigations include surveillance (photos/videos/audios), media communications, and full comprehensive report at the end of investigation. Retainer for all Field Investigations is $5,000.00.  Unused retainer funds will be refunded.

Wedding Rings 2

Marriage/Divorce Search 


Want to find out if someone is secretly married, have been married or divorced? Order a search today and receive results in your email or private PPIPS member account.  Get results in about 24-48 hours.



Polarized changing sunglasses
Hidden Camera Shirt button

PPIPS Unisex Polarized Fast Color Changing Sunshades. Intelligent photographic lens, Lens material: Glass. High Quality. Price: $49.99/pair

Mini Spy Camera shirt button is a must have for any private investigator on a field investigation.  HD 1080P resolution.  Wireless and user friendly. Color: Black. Voltage: 5V, Power source: Batter, USB, Wall plug-in.  Price: $29.99   OUT OF STOCK


PPIPS Pullover Hoodies.  Be comfortable on your field investigation. (Customize available) Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

Price:  $29.99

PPIPS Fake mustache and beard.jpg

PPIPS Disguise. 100% Human Hair Full Hand Tied Fake Mustache Goatee Beard (Realistic disguise, Not for costume).  Price: $59.99

Hidden Video& Audio Recording Eyeglasses_
Hidden Video& Audio Recording Eyeglasses-2

Be discreet.  These eyeglasses are capable of recording at a high frame rate which is perfect for catching quick moments.  Blend in with it's fashionable design. Unique design suits for different faces for different ages. Fashion and cool design keeps up closely with vogue steps. it suits both men and women.  Price $39.99

Stakeout Snacks

Turbo Truffles Energy Chocolates Coffee Craze
Turbo Truffles Energy Chocolates Coffee Craze

Stay awake easy in long field investigations with Turbo Truffles Energy Chocolates. Quantity 50 pcs. Trans Fat Free and No Cholesterol.  Coffee Craze.  Price: $34.99

                                                         SOLD OUT

Members Mark Starlight Mints 600 pieces

Members Mark Peppermint Starlight Mints Hard Candy. 600 Count. 7 pounds.

  • Naturally flavored

  • Each peppermint comes individually wrapped

  • Helps freshen breath while offering a tasty treat


            Price: $22.00

Skinny Pop Holiday Variety Pack Popcorn

SkinnyPop Holiday Variety Pack Popcorn, 0.8 Ounce (16 Count)


Everyone loves a bit of variety, especially when it combines the perfect mix of three different light, sweet and crunchy kettle popcorn flavors. SkinnyPop Holiday Variety Pack Popcorn contains SkinnyPop's kettle variety of holiday flavors: Gingerbread Cookie, White Chocolate Peppermint and Snickerdoodle. 

  • Perfect stakeout snack

  • Small portioned


Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Hard Bulk Candy 65 Oz (240 Count)
Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Hard Bulk Candy 65 Oz (240 Count)

Atomic Fireball Cinnamon Hard Bulk Candy 65 Oz (240 Count)


Fire-eaters, step right up. Atomic Fireballs are the original crazy-intense cinnamon candy. These mouth-igniting, sweat-inducing sweets give you a red-hot experience that keeps you coming back again and again. We dare you to eat as many candies as you can manage. How much hot can you handle?



Brach's Pumpkins.jpg
Brach's Pumpkins Bulk.jpg

Brach's Mallowcreme Pumpkins, 4.5 oz.

Crème candy shaped like a pumpkin. Green tip and orange base with traditional candy corn flavor.


  • Perfect stakeout snack

  • Small portioned

  • Sealed in sturdy mylar resealable bag to maintain freshness.

  • A traditional Halloween candy treat in bulk size. 

  • This can also be a great stakeout snack for private investigators. Hungry but can't leave your post. Munch on these.

$6.97/ 4.5 oz

Brach's Candy corn.jpg

Brach's Gourmet Candy Corn, 2LBS

  • The fall holidays has not officially started without candy corn, and it wouldn't be candy corn season without Brach's Candy Corn.

  • Made with real honey.

  • Bulk Candy.  Sold in 8/4 oz. Mylar resealable bags

$16.95/ 2 lbs.

PPIPS Stake Out  5lb coffee. Whole Beans Organic

PPIPS- "Stake Out" whole bean organic coffee. 


 When falling asleep on the job is not an option. Notes: Dark Chocolate & Molasses.  Roast: Medium/Dark.  5 Pound bag.  Roasted day of order and shipped out same day with express shipping for guaranteed freshness.   NOTE: THIS COFFEE IS STRONG ! NOT FOR WEAK AT HEART.


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